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Social Media

Managing your social media accounts on top of running your own business is exhausting, time-consuming, and can be very confusing. Hiring a Social Media Manager will take that load off your shoulders and let you focus on running your business.


An all inclusive social media plan that will help you stay perfectly consistent and aesthetically pleasing within your posted content. Plus, you'll have someone to respond to your audience to help boost your social media engagement scores.


You'll get a month full of beautifully scheduled posts, along with stories, that will help your business shine in the vast world of social media. Running a social media account can be another full time job. Let me help you take that load off your shoulders.


Enjoy a hands-free approach to social media content planning and allow me to do it all for you! You'll receive a month of scheduled posts where your audience will be excited and motivated to engage with your daily posted content, so you can focus on your business.


You may not need a monthly package to help you in your social media endeavors. Maybe you just need a branded background to match your aesthetic that you can add content to! I can create custom and editable templates for you to use using the FREE app, Canva.


Rush Orders

Need your project done within 7 days? I offer a $200-$1,000 fee to advance your project
to the top of my workflow - depending on your project load.

Regular turnaround time for Jenny Espino Creative Direction & Graphic Design
projects are normally 2-6 weeks, depending on availability.

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