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Brand Identity

Investing in your brand and developing a streamlined identity that aligns with your vision, will help you stand out from the crowd - and in today's increasingly visual world, branding is more important than ever. My branding packages are catered to every budget and will equip you with all the tools you need to launch your brand with confidence and ease. Let's begin increasing the value of your business and attract your dream customers.


There is so much more to growing a business than just a pretty logo or sleek web design. Here, I want to create a comprehensive brand platform with virtually every service I have to offer including logo design, web design, and marketing materials.


I will bring your brand to life by picking the perfect typefaces, colors, and building out the logo design and other visual elements that will ensure your brand is memorable for your dream clientele. You can ensure that your visual identity will stay timeless and relevant for years to come.


Perhaps you're only needing a stunning logo that highly represents your brand and will be sure to attract your target audience. You'll receive your logo, brand board, mood board, and fonts, but you're ok without any associated marketing materials.


Just the

Sometimes, the best way is the simplest way. Perhaps you have an exact idea of what you're needing in terms of your logo, and you don't need any fluff on top of it. This package will provide you with the simple, beautiful and professional logo you've been looking for.


Rush Orders

Need your project done within 7 days? I offer a $200-$1,000 fee to advance your project
to the top of my workflow - depending on your project load.

Regular turnaround time for Jenny Espino Creative Direction & Graphic Design
projects are normally 2-6 weeks, depending on availability.

The Retainer Program

If you're needing ongoing creative services, allow me to step in and help your business gain exposure and generate new leads on a monthly basis.

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